Common Centrifugal Pump Problems and Solutions

3 June 2015
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The centrifugal pump is an efficient device for residential and small commercial premises. It can deliver large volumes of water from wells, boreholes and other alternative sources. If you have invested in this type of pump, you should engage a service person for regular inspection, maintenance and repairs. You should also be alert for any signs of problems and malfunctions so that you can correct the causative faults. Here is a short guide on potential centrifugal pump problems and some simple solutions.

No Water Delivery

One of the main challenges linked to the centrifugal pumps is the lack of prime; the pump must be filled with liquid before operation. If your pump is not delivering water, this is the most probable cause. To resolve this, fill the pump as well as the suction pipe with water according to the manufacturer's instructions before operation. If there is recurring and inexplicable loss of prime, check the suction pipe for leaks, especially at the joints and fittings. You can repair damage using pipe sealing compounds or replace the weak fittings. The impeller can also prevent water flow if it is blocked, so inspect the component. You can clean obstructions the piping hand hole or dismantling the pump for thorough cleaning.

Insufficient Water

Your centrifugal pump is defective if it is delivering water but in significantly lower quantities than expected. There are several causative issues so it is advisable to engage a repair service to inspect the pumping system. However, there are frequent issues that you can solve without professional help. Check the impeller for signs of serious wear and distortion of vanes. Damage of this component will lower the pumping efficiency since it is responsible for accelerating the flow of water. You should replace the impeller with a similar model to restore the function. The same issue will arise in newer pumps if the impeller is too small; check if there are viable upgrades from your manufacturer.

Motor Issues

The electric motor is responsible for powering the pumping system therefore its damage will cause complete breakdown. If your motor has been shutting down due to overheating and overloading, you should inspect the electrical connections. Compare the motor voltage rating against the power supply voltage and check the recommended wire size in the owner's manual. If these components do not match the approved standards, hire an electrician for replacement. You should also check the impeller for clogging or damage; clean or replace as necessary. This feature causes the motor to strain unnecessarily when it is not rotating freely.

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