3 Ways Elevator Modernisation Can Improve Factory Efficiency

21 December 2015
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Many facility managers are not sure whether they should simply maintain the old elevators in factories or modernise (upgrade) them. This article discusses some of the benefits that may accrue from modernising the elevators in your factory. Use this information as you evaluate whether the elevators in your factory are overdue for modernisation. Lower Machine Room Cooling Costs Many older elevators were not equipped with the ability to return any unused energy left after the elevator made an empty trip. Read More 

Why you should opt for double glazed windows

17 November 2015
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Double glazed windows consist of a pair of glass panes with a layer of dry air or inert gas sealed between them. Such kinds of windows have numerous advantages and benefits that they bring into a home compared to the other types of windows. This article gets into the nitty-gritty of the double glazed window to see what exactly it offers. Fairly constant temperature in the room Having double glazed windows in a room ensures that the temperature within is not affected much by the exterior conditions. Read More 

Helping Your Love One With Dementia Stay Cool

10 August 2015
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People with dementia have an increased sensitivity to indoor environments. That means that their behaviour changes as a result of changes in lighting and temperature, and in particular, people with dementia can become very agitated if their environment is overheated. For this reason and many others, it is important to ensure people with dementia have access to air conditioning, especially if they live in climates with dangerously high temperatures. If you have a loved one who has dementia but still lives on his or her own, here's what you can do to help keep them cool: Read More 

Top tips that can help prevent injuries caused by liftgates

7 July 2015
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Workplace injuries are a common occurrence, especially in the transportation industry. To ensure safety, employers ought to make sure their staff is properly trained and capable of operating equipment. Despite being quite indispensable when it comes to transportation tasks, liftgates are dangerous instruments. If defective or badly operated, liftgates can cause severe injuries, including amputation, bone fracture and brain injuries. Below are some tips that can help you prevent this: Read More 

Types of Industrial Tools and Their Uses

6 July 2015
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There are many types of industrial tools that are used for different tooling trades while others are used for specialized industries such as the carpentry and automobile industries. Industrial tools are specially manufactured using high quality material to offer durability and ability to withstand industrial applications. The types of tools used in one industry may greatly differ to another due to the different types of operations being carried out in different industries. Read More