4 Critical Signs Indicating You Need Urgent Compressor Overhauls

28 July 2022
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Air compressors play crucial roles in different industrial setups. However, like any other equipment, these machines undergo wear and tear over time and might require complete overhauls. When that time comes when you need a compressor overhaul, you hope the process will be as painless as possible. With the availability of various overhauling approaches, there are different implications concerning system performance, parts, costs and servicing. Nonetheless, compressor overhauls help detect critical issues and fix them on time before developing into a significant nightmare. 

Inconsistent Air Flow

A poorly calibrated thermostat can cause airflow inconsistencies and temperature fluctuations within the unit. If your ice machine, for instance, emits lukewarm air randomly, it likely has a faulty thermostat. However, your compressor might be facing a much bigger problem if the unit is constantly blowing out warm air or you've noticed the temperature of your ice decreasing gradually with time. If the air compressor is very old or has endured damage from regular use, you require overhauling it to restore its proper performance. 

Oil Leakage From Your Compressor 

You might also require a compressor overhaul if you notice oil leaking from the unit. However, you can repair the compressor unit and ensure zero oil leaks using an overhaul kit. If you use the compressor overhaul kit, this mechanical process helps fix every seal on the system and prevent future oil leakage problems. 

Excessive System Vibrations

Abnormally high system vibrations might stem from a plethora of issues. However, this problem happens when the compressor isn't running in its regular mode, at the RPM range it's designed to operate. Furthermore, it can transpire when the flywheel on the system's engine runs out of balance. Excessive vibrations might also result in unbalanced crankshafts or damaged cylinder walls. 

Therefore, conduct comprehensive inspections to find the root cause of the problem if you notice that your compressors are vibrating abnormally. Excessive vibrations can damage vital system components and lead to costly repairs when the issue is left unattended. 

Faulty Compressor Cycle Times 

Your air compressors must maintain appropriate cycle times throughout their service life. That's vital to ensure chillers and cooling towers function efficiently. Thus, this guarantees an adequately operational unit. If your compressor is cycling more persistently, the system is overworking to achieve the intended results, leading to faster system deterioration. Additionally, if the number of cycles per hour or the time taken for each cycle increases, this is an obvious indication that you need compressor overhauls. 

If you identify either of these four warning signs, consider hiring a professional for compressor overhauls and immediate system fixes.