Considerations When Buying A Welding Machine

21 November 2022
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Welding is a critical stage of any fabrication process. Your welding machine helps you join two or more workpieces in a permanent joint. However, how do you know which device you should purchase? Welding machines are a significant investment, and you should obtain one that meets your needs. This piece discusses some crucial considerations to make before you buy welding machines.

Type of Metal

The most common metals you can join through welding include aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel. Carbon steel is compatible with most welding machines in the market. This metal can also handle welding heat without risking melting or damage. However, stainless steel is usually compatible with MIG and TIG, while aluminium requires MIG. 

You may also obtain a high-end TIG welding machine if your operations constantly involve aluminium. Hence, ensure you get a device that can easily switch from welding one metal to a project involving a different one. Alternatively, you may purchase several welding machines when dealing with various metals. Matching the suitable machine to your metal improves the quality of your products. 


The amperage of a machine is an essential factor to consider. For example, the device must meet the recommended amperage for every millimetre of steel. In short, the thickness of the metals you intend to join determines the machine's capacity. You may obtain a device with low amperage and upgrade later when your budget permits.

However, most people go for high amperage to ensure they do not limit their workshop's ability to produce different products. If your workshop serves various clients, the work they bring could vary, and the welding machine should meet such needs. Correct amperage prevents your electrode from sticking, forcing you to make errors when welding. 


Your location is a significant determinant of the type of welding machine you can purchase. For example, how fast can you refill your compressed gases and resume operations? You must ensure you can buy parts to service your welding machine and other necessary items, such as welding rods. Such considerations prevent delays, poor relations with customers and losses caused by the downtime. 

Not all welding machines are portable. Small-sized welding machines are easy to carry and have no compressed gas cylinder attachments. You can quickly move around with the device, especially in off-site fabrication projects. In addition, you should buy a machine that is easy to transport based on the trucks or other logistical solutions you have. 

Some essential considerations before purchasing welding machines include the type of metal, capacity and location.

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