4 Significant Types of Boom Lifts

30 November 2019
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Are you looking for a boom lift? Boom lifts are highly flexible industrial equipment, thanks to their adjustable arm. This equipment can handle a glut of instructions depending on the prerequisites. Things you should consider before settling on a specific type of boom lift include workspace as well as power supply. There are electrical, petrol-powered as well as battery-powered boom lifts. You should make your selection depending on your needs. Here are four types of boom lifts. Read More 

Curtailing Air Conditioning Costs: Strategies to Reduce Excessive Heat Build Up within Commercial Buildings

17 April 2017
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One of the main reasons why many businesses have a hard time keeping their air conditioning costs down is because they generate too much heat within their buildings, and as a result end up overworking their air conditioners. Whether you are a business manager or run your own business, you should try as much as possible to avoid excessive heat buildup in your commercial building so as to lower your monthly energy bills. Read More 

3 Factors That Can Cause Your Fire Alarm System to Fail

15 November 2016
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Can you imagine what would happen to your commercial building in case the fire alarm system failed to work as expected? Read on and discover some of the reasons that may cause that fire detection system to fail when you need it the most. Use this information to ensure that your commercial building is safe from fire alarm failures. Dirt Accumulation Fire alarm systems are stationary devices that are usually mounted onto walls and ceilings. Read More 

Understanding the “No Voltage Output” Problem When Using Portable Generators

16 August 2016
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Your portable generator produces electric power by moving conductors in a magnetic field. However, this does not mean that your portable generator is fitted with magnets for this purpose. It is designed to improvise the electric power it produces to sustain high power generation every time you switch it on. Sometimes the system fails, and then your portable generator doesn't produce any voltage even though the engine runs just fine. Here is a close look at the " Read More 

Four Reasons Why You Should Use Corrugated Fiberglass Panels for Your Roof

5 July 2016
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No matter what Mother Nature throws at your home, the roof should always be the first line of defense. From rain to snow to high temperatures, fiberglass roofing protects you against extreme weather elements. Corrugated fiberglass roofing is becoming widely accepted by many homeowners due to four main reasons highlighted below. Versatility -- The main advantages of fiberglass roofing are the assortment of styles, grades and colors and its versatile structure. Even though some designs are manufactured to allow some light into the building, ideally, fiberglass roofing prevents excessive heat and direct sunlight from filtering through the roof. Read More