A Quick Guide to 3 Different Types of Internal Concrete Vibrators

28 May 2015
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There are diverse vibrator products therefore it is important to choose the right item depending on the specifics of the construction job. This type of heavy vibratory machinery is used in consolidating concrete in order to release of excess water and trapped air in the mixture.

When the compaction work is not performed properly, there will be structural defects such as low concrete strength and surface blemishes like bug holes. Ideal industrial vibrating equipment will help mixture to settle firmly into the construction formwork.

There are two types of concrete vibrators; internal and external. Internal concrete vibrators are usually immersed into the concrete to make the consolidation process possible while external alternatives are clamped on the surface of the fresh formwork. The internal equipment is more popular in general construction; external vibrators are used on hard-to-reach features such as tall walls.

Here are the main types of internal concrete vibrators that you can purchase or hire for your building project.

Flexible-Shaft Vibrator

The structure of the flexible shaft vibrator has a power unit, the flexible shaft and the vibratory head. You can choose a machine powered by an electric motor or a gasoline engine and the head is made of steel or rubber. The power unit is responsible for driving the motion of the head by creating shock waves which in turn performs the compacting work.

Gas-powered equipment can deliver more horsepower compared to the electric choice. However, electric motor vibrators are portable and the gasoline engine is normally stationary during the tasks. This equipment is powerful but it is suited for small-scale construction jobs. It is advisable for you to choose a vibrator with the largest head that can fit comfortably in the worksite.

High-Cycle Vibrators

The high-cycle concrete vibrator has a head structure which is less powerful than an identical part attached to the flexible shaft equipment. However, high-cycle machines are generally larger so they can perform more expansive construction work. They are best suited for low slump concrete especially in general heavy construction of commercial buildings and roadways. The efficiency of the equipment can be attributed to high motor torque and the consistent high-cycle vibratory speed.

Pendulum-Type Vibrators

The pendulum-type concrete vibrator is used in general construction but it is not as popular as high-cycle or flexible-shaft machines. However, the equipment has high-output speed in terms of vibration compared to these alternatives. The long, pendulum-like shaft is designed to multiply the power produced by the motor before transmitting it to the vibratory head in order to achieve maximum compaction frequency.