What Factors Affect the Aging Process of Conveyor Belts?

1 June 2015
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Conveyor systems are one way by which materials' handling in industrial complexes is eased. The conveyors limit labor requirements since the conveyor belts move your cargo from one point to another without the need for manual labor. Like all equipment, conveyor systems are subject to wear and tear. This article discusses the factors you should pay attention to as you set up your conveyor belts so that they wear out slowly.

Keep the Chute Angle Minimal

Chute angle refers to the angle by which loads are placed onto the conveyor belt. If the angle is very acute (such a 90 degree angle from which a load is dropped straight down from above) that load will exert a greater force on the conveyor belt. The result is that the belt will wear out quickly.

This is in contrast to what happens when another load is placed onto the belt from a less acute angle (such as from another conveyor belt). Such a load is gently transferred onto the belt so it will exert minimal force on the conveyor belt. As a result, that belt will wear out slowly. You should therefore limit the chute angle so that conveyor belt is not negatively affected.

Limit Conveyor Belt Speed

There is a link between conveyor belt speed and the rate of wear. The faster the belt moves, the more quickly it will wear out. This is because the load has more inertia (resistance to motion) than the belt so the load will bounce on the belt until it overcomes that inertia.

That bouncing results in conveyor belt wear and the only way to limit this kind of wear is to reduce the speed at which the conveyor belt is moving. Consult the supplier of your conveyor belt system so that you set it up to move at the recommended speed to minimise load bounce.

Increase Conveyor-Belt Cover Thickness

The conveyor belt is protected from wear and tear factors by the cover on its surface. If that cover is thick, it will deliver its protective services more efficiently than a thin cover. This is because the thick cover will take long to wear out so the belt underneath will last longer. You can increase conveyor belt life by buying thicker covers.

It is within your power to get maximum life from your conveyor belt. Start by implementing the suggestions above, as well as following service and maintenance practices suggested by the conveyor belt manufacturer. For more information, contact resources like Belle Banne Conveyor Products.