Four Signs That Your AC Ducts Are Leaking

12 June 2015
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Have you ever noticed that your air conditioner isn't churning out cool air, even if its thermostat is set to cool the home? You may be a victim of leaking ducts. This article discusses four signs that will alert you to the possibility of duct leaks.


If your ears detect rattling in the attic or crawl space where your air conditioning ducts are located, take that as a possible indicator that you have a leak in your ductwork. Ducts rattle when they have not been securely anchored onto the floor or ceiling. They also rattle when the connections between different duct pieces become loose. Ducts will leak at points where they are loosely fitted together and that may explain why the AC is not performing as you expect it to.

Reduced Airflow

You may have airflow restrictions in case you can barely notice air flowing from the vents of your air conditioning unit. If the air feels much warmer than it should be (considering the thermostat setting), suspect that there is something hindering the airflow. The most likely cause of airflow problems is a leak in the ducts. That leak prevents the air from moving uniformly throughout the system. This is because pressure from the blower fan will be lost at the point of the leak.

Unequal Cooling of Different Rooms

Ducted air conditioning systems are designed to provide the same degree of cooling (or heating) to all conditioned spaces or rooms. This is because the entire system is controlled by one thermostat and the ducts distribute the same conditioned air to all parts of the home. If you notice that family members prefer to be in a certain room because it is cooler than others, that may be a pointer to leaking ducts. The warmer rooms may be the victims of energy losses caused by leaks in the ducts supplying them with conditioned air.

High Bills

If your energy bill suddenly exceeds the normal range that you are used to, the AC system may be the culprit. Leaky ducts cause the system to work harder in order to keep rooms within the desired temperature range. The extra work translates into more energy being used and that is why the energy bill will spiral upwards.

The best way to deal with duct leaks is to call an HVAC technician, from a company like Air Comfort Co of Australia Pty Ltd, to inspect the entire air conditioning system. He or she will then rectify any problems that are discovered and your system will begin performing to your expectations.