Four Ideas For Reusing Wooden crates

18 June 2015
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Perhaps surprisingly, wooden crates are very sought after by property owners who are keen to transform them into a stylish accessory for their home. A solid and well crafted wooden crate has an appealing capability to be turned into almost anything. They can be painted to give a rustic or old fashioned look or a bright and attractive look, or stained to give a more natural finish; it all depends on what you intend using the crate for. If you have some wooden crates lying about your garage or basement, here are some ways to reuse them.

Breakfast Trolley

With some wood glue and a simple set of wheels, two crates can be placed side by side with another crate fixed on the top. This creates an area at the side for you to place newspapers, letters or magazines, while still offering room on the top for some food and coffee. The wheels allow you to move the trolley to the bedroom without fuss. This trolley is easy and quick to make.

Bed Base

More and more people are using wooden crates as a base for their bed. When the crates are placed closely next to each other, the mattress is placed on top. The crates offer a surprisingly sturdy and firm support. They are also quite conspicuous, so it is also easy to admire them at the same time. Paint the crates to fit in with the décor of the room.

Mobile Shoe Rack

This is another useful and practical use of the crates. One medium or large sized crate can be placed on its side. Wheels can then be placed on the bottom as the crate sits in this position. If the crate hasn't got a piece of wood in the center to separate the interior, fix in a piece of wood. This acts as a shelf, allowing you to get a few pairs of shoes on top and underneath the shelf. Paint the box and place a small cushion on top to finish it off. The shoebox can be moved out of sight when not in use.

Standing Yard Table

If you have a few extra wooden crates, you can create a stylish outdoor standing table. Arrange and glue some crates on their sides, so that the rear of the crates fit together. Glue them together and then place and fix a table top counter, just big enough to cover the crates. Once ready, the table is tall enough to stand around and chat with friends in the yard. As the crates face outwards, they offer some shelf space or storage as well. You will need around twelve medium sized crates or nine large crates for a standing yard table.

If you have any spare wood, you could try making your own wooden crates to use about your home, but you could also get some from suppliers like Acme Case Co Pty Ltd