What to Consider When Renting Scissor Platform Lifts

25 June 2015
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Scissor platform lifts can keep a homeowner safe and secure when working at an elevated height; this means indoors and out. They make it easy to adjust the height at which you're working, since the scissor lift is meant to move up and down with a lever or switch, unlike scaffolding which needs to have its platform lowered and raised manually. This can make a scissor platform lift the best choice for tree trimming or painting the exterior of your home, as you may need to move up and down frequently during these types of jobs.

Before you rent a scissor platform lift, it's good to ensure you get the right type and that it will be secure. Note a few factors to consider.

1. Note any constrictions as to access for the lift

If you need a scissor lift for indoor use such as for repairing an elevated ceiling, you'll need to note the width of doorways and any other constrictions when it comes to access for the lift. Interior scissor lift platforms are usually made to be more narrow so that they can fit through standard doorways, but this might also limit the size of the platform so that only one worker can fit at a time. Don't choose the size of lift by how many workers you have and how much equipment you'll need to keep with you when working, but measure doorways, hallways, and other constrictions first.

2. Note indoor versus outdoor lifts

There are a few good reasons why you need to know the difference between indoor and outdoor lifts. One is that indoor lifts may have smaller tires so that they don't tear up flooring and carpeting, but these may not allow the lift to maneuver so well through soft dirt and mud. Outdoor lifts also usually have added braces and heavy-duty brakes to keep them secure, whereas it's assumed that indoor lifts will be kept on a solid surface.

The power of a lift is also usually different between indoor and outdoor models. An indoor lift will usually be powered by electricity whereas an outdoor model may have a gas-powered system. Using a gas-powered system indoors can mean exposure to fumes and emissions, so even if you assume you need or want a larger, heavier lift for an indoor job, you need to ask about how it's powered so you know you have proper ventilation for a gas model.

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