Types of Industrial Tools and Their Uses

6 July 2015
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There are many types of industrial tools that are used for different tooling trades while others are used for specialized industries such as the carpentry and automobile industries. Industrial tools are specially manufactured using high quality material to offer durability and ability to withstand industrial applications. The types of tools used in one industry may greatly differ to another due to the different types of operations being carried out in different industries.

However, some tools will be found in almost all industries as they are used in an array of applications. While there are many industrial tools, they can be broadly categorized into two; hand tools and power tools:

Industrial Hand Tools

Industrial hand tools include spanners, screw drivers, pliers, wenches, hammers, nut sets, measuring tools, saws, hand drills and filing tools among others. They are essentially used in the various industrial projects. Spanners and wenches are used in many industries. Spanners come in an assortment of sizes therefore workers require a number of them to fasten and loosen different sizes of bolts and nuts. They are purchased in a set containing spanners of different sizes. A tool set also contains Allen keys. These, just like spanners come in different sizes and are used to fasten and loosen hexagonal shaped bolts.

Pliers are used for gripping nuts and bolts heads firmly and twisting, bending and cutting cable and wire. Screw drivers come in different blade shapes and are used to screw pieces together. Hammers are essentially used in shaping metal, tapping in nails, marking drill points and removing tight bolts. Measuring tools such as the measuring tape are used for sizing up rooms, cutting wood or metal to length and checking dimensions on furniture.

Industrial Power Tools

There are many industrial power tools, most of which are designed to work on metal. The commonly used power tools in an industry are drills. A good tool set is incomplete without high quality drilling equipment and drill bits. They are used for boring holes in different material as required in the industrial process. There are welding tools such as rods and blow torches used for welding purposes in the industry. Welding helmets and gloves are part of the protective kit used when carrying out welding. Other tools such as lathes and milling machines are used for cutting, shaping and combining pieces of metal.

Other industrial power tools are grinders which are used to sharpen industrial hand tools. Angle grinders and hand held belt sanders together with different blades and abrasive discs are used for cutting, sanding, polishing and grinding.

There are many industrial tools which are used for different industrial applications and processes. While these tools are made by different manufacturers, it is important to research and purchase quality tools that are not only high quality but durable. To learn more, contact a company like WA Lifting Equipment.