Factors to Consider When Selecting a Scissor Lift Table

5 July 2016
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Scissor lifts ease tasks that involve loading and lifting of loads in various industrial applications. They are designed to bring the load to a more ergonomic height so that work can be done with ease and maximum safety. The primary component of a scissor lift is the platform, usually referred to as the scissor lift table. It helps position workers and material at the desired height when undertaking loading, unloading, and production tasks.

Selecting the right scissor lift table for your applications is one of the major factors to consider when buying or hiring a scissor lift. How do you determine the ideal one? Here are some few factors to consider.

The nature of your load

You should consider the nature of the load you will be lifting when choosing a scissor lift table. Can it be comfortably accommodated by a standard size scissor lift table? If your load is wider than standard size scissor lift tables, you will need to get a broader table that will cater for your application needs. Avoid using a scissor lift table for loads which are unstable on a level ground as they can easily topple over and break or cause injury to workers.

Weight of the load

The weight of the load and its components are also essential when selecting a scissor lift table. The tables come in different weight capacities. If you are using the scissor lift table for various applications, ensure you get one whose load capacity can accommodate the heaviest load you intend to lift, load, or offload.

The load's weight distribution

Determining your load's center of gravity is essential before selecting a hydraulic lift table. If the load is not evenly distributed on the table, it can reduce the efficiency of a standard scissor lift as and drastically reduce the lift's usable life.  It is not good to handle weights that place a significant amount of side or end load on the scissor lift

Vertical height required

You will need to know the distance that the table is from the ground when it's fully lowered, and the maximum height it can achieve when in the fully raised position. If you need a scissor lift that lowers or rises beyond a standard lift vertical height, consider selecting one that meets your specifications. You just need to determine your loading requirements and choose the ideal one.

Scissor lifts make tasks that involve loading, lifting, and offloading of materials easy and safe. Follow these tips so you can buy or hire the ideal scissor lift table for your specific applications. Contact a company like Aluminium Scaffolds (Vic) Pty Ltd for more information.