Four Reasons Why You Should Use Corrugated Fiberglass Panels for Your Roof

5 July 2016
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No matter what Mother Nature throws at your home, the roof should always be the first line of defense. From rain to snow to high temperatures, fiberglass roofing protects you against extreme weather elements. Corrugated fiberglass roofing is becoming widely accepted by many homeowners due to four main reasons highlighted below.

Versatility -- The main advantages of fiberglass roofing are the assortment of styles, grades and colors and its versatile structure. Even though some designs are manufactured to allow some light into the building, ideally, fiberglass roofing prevents excessive heat and direct sunlight from filtering through the roof. The panels are equipped with UV filters that prevent these harmful rays from penetrating the roof. Because the panels are available in different designs and colors, fiberglass roofing can combine with different structures such as garages and patios. Worried about the cost of replacing your old roof with corrugated fiberglass? Worry not because you can install it over your old roof. Therefore, fiberglass makes your home aesthetically appealing while protecting you from external elements.

Durability -- Fiberglass is particularly tough and can last up to 20 years. No other roofing material can last this long without needing replacement or repair. The material is resistant to termite damage and rot. When exposed to extreme climatic conditions over time, fiberglass does not wane. When it comes to internal elements like fire, the material holds up well compared to vinyl or wood. The corrugated model enhances the resilient quality of the roof; therefore, you should not be surprised when offered a lifetime guarantee at the time of purchase.   

Low Installation and Maintenance Cost -- Corrugated fiberglass roofing is easy to work with without necessarily damaging the material. The material is light compared to metal and wood, so you do not incur high installation costs such as labor expenses. Fiberglass is manufactured using less expensive material that you can readily source in the local market. Therefore, the cost of installation is significantly lower compared to other types of roofing. Due to its lifetime guarantee, fiberglass roofing requires minimal maintenance.  

Superb Drainage and Low Incentive to Thieves -- One problem with many flat roofs is that they are susceptible to accumulating snow and rainwater. Corrugated fiberglass roofs channel snow and water with great efficiency. Cases of roof leakage caused by stagnant water cannot arise when using these panels. Therefore, fiberglass roofing prevents the damage of your property by water. Fiberglass roof panels are an easy replacement for lead since they do not have the intrinsic value to guarantee their theft. Thieves would only steal materials that they can sell for profit. The market value of fiberglass is low, which thus discourages incidences of theft.

For more information about the benefits of fiberglass, contact a company that sells FRP decking.