4 Significant Types of Boom Lifts

30 November 2019
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Are you looking for a boom lift? Boom lifts are highly flexible industrial equipment, thanks to their adjustable arm. This equipment can handle a glut of instructions depending on the prerequisites. Things you should consider before settling on a specific type of boom lift include workspace as well as power supply. There are electrical, petrol-powered as well as battery-powered boom lifts. You should make your selection depending on your needs. Here are four types of boom lifts.

1. Articulating boom lift

Also known as the knuckle boom, this machine consists of various segments fused by joints. If you are working on a busy or crowded workspace, then you should opt for the articulating boom. It masters the reaches and angles needed to get around equipment and personnel. It also reaches high and far places that may be difficult to access. What's more, this device has non-marking tires, making it suitable for an indoor utility such as retail, manufacturing or warehouses. You can opt for one that runs on electrical power or petrol.

2. Telescopic boom lift

This appliance is also known as a stick boom since the arm moves only in one direction. It offers additional vertical height as compared to other boom lifts. Telescopic boom lifts are perfect for extremely high work platforms and can reach up to 80 feet. The complex models can reach up to 180 feet, making them ideal for construction as well as other industrial projects. Telescopic boom lifts sport an extensive base to provide safety during operations.

3. Towable boom lift

This boom lift is lightweight and easy to use. It is ideal for use in gyms, yards and other light industrial projects. As the name suggests, you can tow them from one workspace to another. Due to its convenience and portability, they are ideal in workspaces that require a lot of movement. They can reach heights of up to 60 feet.

4. Atrium boom lift

This machine is a special modification of the articulating boom lift. They offer both outdoor and indoor utility. An atrium boom lift has extendable legs to help the stability of the lift. The horizontal and vertical reach of this appliance is 40 and 70 feet, respectively. Atrium lifts are also necessary for wildlife control, removal and inspection.

Boom lifts make working in heights easier. They have a basket that enables you to access difficult-to-reach and high places. To improve safety, ensure that you hire professional personnel to handle the task. The main merit of using a boom lift is its versatility.