Two reasons to hire your earthmoving equipment

10 February 2021
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Whether you work in property construction, road maintenance or civil engineering, you will be familiar with the value earthmoving equipment can bring to any project. A building site may need to be cleared and levelled before work can be carried out, there will also need to large amounts of earth moved when it is time to start work on the foundations. With civil engineering projects, you may need to use earthmoving equipment to create embankments or level or reshape the ground before building. In all of these cases, earthmoving equipment will be vital, but where will this equipment be sourced? Large building companies may own some machinery of their own, but it often makes more sense to arrange earthmoving equipment hire. Here are two distinct benefits that you can receive with earthmoving equipment hire that you don't get when you buy your machinery outright.  

The most suitable equipment

Arranging for earthmoving equipment hire gives you access to exactly the equipment that you need. If you are determined to do the job with equipment that you already own, you may find that you often struggle to find exactly what you want. You will pick a digger or an excavator for the task because it is roughly the right size or because it has an attachment that can be made to work in the right way. While you can work in this way if you have access to the right equipment, you will normally find that the job will be completed faster and to a higher standard. Arranging earthmoving equipment hire gives you access to the entire range of equipment offered by the hiring company, and you are certain to find the perfect equipment whatever the job may be.   

You avoid maintenance costs

It can be tempting to compare buying equipment and arranging earthmoving equipment hire and only to look at the upright purchase costs versus the ongoing monthly payments, but that misses the point. Once you have bought a piece of equipment, then you assume all responsibility for that equipment. Earthmoving is tough work, and it is not unlikely that the earthmoving equipment will be damaged or will breakdown multiple times during its working life. Certainly, you will need to employ an engineering team to ensure that the equipment receives regular care. Each year, you will spend a considerable sum caring for your equipment even if it is not being used, all the time you are paying the fees the asset is continuing to age and decrease in value. When you book earthmoving equipment hire, you will pay a monthly fee, but you know that the equipment will always work, and any mechanical problems are the responsibility of the hiring company, so you save on the costs of the engineering team. At any time you can return the equipment and hire an updated model or an alternative piece of equipment if it is more suitable for your needs.

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